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Getting Input from the Whole Team

Excellent leaders know the importance, power and leverage of receiving the best ideas from each and every member of their team. It is in the context of the interchange of ideas that often the best and most creative team solutions emerge. The methodology we follow at times, however, works against

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Budget for Team Development

  It’s late summer, only four months until Christmas and a New Year, and most of you may have already begun (or even completed) your budgeting for 2015. If you haven’t or even if you have, I’m curious what you budgeted for the development of organizational health for the coming

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Devaluing Others in Conflict

I’ve written previously in Pushing Back Entropy about my personal contention that devaluation of others always precedes conflict in the form of direct or indirect attack. Listening to Ron Price explain axiology this morning, that process became a bit clearer for me. So adding to what I’ve said previously, let

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Diversity & Workplace Conflict

We humans are incredibly diverse as a species. Our differences exist on so many different levels, they are hard to meaningfully enumerate. These differences, diversity, are what makes life interesting and challenging. On our worst days in our exasperation, we say to ourselves, “Why can’t she be more like me?”

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Organizational Entropy

How do you see the world in terms of the playing field on which organizations compete? Some see it as sloped naturally toward health and success – If we do nothing, it will come. Some see it as level – If we just compete well, it will happen. Others see

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Balanced Leadership – Our Greatest Need

It was 1776, June. The Continental Congress was scheduled to meet in July to discuss the creation of a document that would explain their rationale for the war to break from British control of the colonies that had begun a year earlier. This new nation, freshly aware of the downside

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The Identified Employee

  In a healthy family, everyone owns their own contributions to the problems.  In a dysfunctional family, however, the family looks for one member to be the scapegoat, the one on whom they can project all the family’s problems.  This person is known as the “identified patient.”  This is the

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