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AndyJohnsonPushing Back Entropy: Moving Teams from Conflict to Health


For workplace teams:

  • Who want to get to the next level of healthy development
  • Who understand the critical function of team health
  • With emerging signs of conflict and growing indicators of ill health
  • With increasing symptoms of fiscal and/or personal pain
  • Who are ready to move toward health, fed up with mediocrity
  • Who are willing to put in the hard work required
  • Who want to enjoy their work and their teammates again

In this team handbook:

  • I will help you understand what makes you have conflict with others in the workplace
  • I will help you prevent and reduce conflict and the pain it brings to you and your teammates
  • I will help you enhance your team’s health and increase your shared results
  • I will help you use a model to create greater team health by keeping your sustained focus

Reduce conflict and build health into your workplace team.

Life has a few unalterable principles. Among them is the principle of entropy: the tendency for things to move toward disorder and decay unless additional energy is added into the equation. Workplace teams without fail operate, with or without our conscious awareness, according to this principle. Resisting this tendency, conflict prevention and healthy team building are two sides of the same coin. Healthy, successful, and fulfilled teams master the principles in this book to push back entropy proactively. Doing nothing guarantees things won’t change.

In this book, learn how to:

  • Better understand and anticipate the dynamics that underlie conflict development
  • Prevent conflict at all three levels: interpersonal, interpersonal and systemic
  • Take the current temperature of your team as it pertains to the potential for conflict
  • Build and maintain a healthy team by applying the Healthy Teams Model
  • Assess the current level of team health as a benchmark to measure future growth against Pushing Back Entropy
  • Includes three appendices on the subject of the three sciences included in the TTI Trimetrix EQ assessment that forms the diagnostic basis for conflict prevention and team building. These three sciences: behavioral styles, motivators and emotional intelligence, serve as the measures of team member development.