Team health doesn’t just happen

Pushing Back Entropy




This is the team handbook released in 2013 that forms the basis for this entire process. Team members receive copies of the book to be used as their main reference throughout the process. You can purchase the book in both softcover and e-formats at

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PBE Workbook

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This workbook is your primary resource during the Shared Victory intensive. Once your team has completed the lab, your workbook will be filled with new ideas, areas of focus and things to follow up on over the next 12-18 mos. The workbook is only available as part of the team coaching process.

It is organized in 12 modules that are unpacked over the two-day team intensive called Shared Victory.

TTI SI Assessments

TTI SI is an industry-leading assessment company located in Scottsdale, AZ. Their assessments are only available through their value added associates. We currently utilize TTI SI assessments that include:

  • Behaviors (DISC) – How each of us uniquely behaves (similar to temperament or personality)
  • Motivators – What we value, what drives our behavior, what irritates us
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – How adept we are at understanding our self emotionally as well as the way we understand the emotions of others to create healthy relationships
  • Acumen Capacity (ACI) – How we make decisions, how we see ourselves and the world around us and value things
  • Competencies – What skills have we developed, where do we need to focus for improvement
  • Stages of Growth – Where is the organization on the predictable stages of growth that companies follow, what strategic initiatives do we need to complete to get to the next level

The Complete Leader




The Complete Leader began as a 2013 book published by two of our associates, Ron Price and Randy Lisk. It quickly became a website filled with resources for growing leaders. It has now become a leadership development program that builds future leaders in the course of an 18 mo. process in the organization.  There is a coming leadership shortage in US organizations. This program targets that future problem by growing future leaders from within the organization. I’m a part of the faculty for this leadership development program.  Visit our website at

Price Associates






Price Associates is a leadership development consulting firm that is dedicated to “helping leaders grow and change their world.” We are a group of professionals around the US and some international locations organized as a constellation of experts. Each professional has their areas of specific expertise and is a thought leader in those areas of specialization. We connect together as a constellation to share common purpose, values and resources. Price Associates is a value-added associate of TTI Success Insights and we rely heavily on the robust assessment platform from which we consult.  Visit our website at