Shared Victory

Building a Happy & Harmonious Team Culture

When’s the last time you looked at each other at the end of the week and celebrated what you were building together, your shared accomplishments? Every team wants this feeling, but few know how to get there. Team health is the key to creating a culture where this feeling of mutual satisfaction is experienced. According to a 2009 study at Warwick Business School, happier workers are 12 percent more productive while unhappier workers are 10 percent less productive. Happiness matters, for our own personal good and for the bottom line. We are pleased to offer a team lab that acts as a catalyst to move your team toward a new healthier, happier and more harmonious paradigm.

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Do Any of the Following Apply to Your Team?

  • You’re feeling burned out, stressed out, less creative and less engaged. You want more meaning, to make a bigger difference in the world.
  • You’re growingly discontent with the status quo, want to shake things up, don’t want to die a slow death or become irrelevant.
  • You’re beginning to see signs of possible team deterioration (conflict, disengagement, lowered morale, etc.). You want to move from good to great (take the team to the next level).

Are You Ready for Change?

Conflict and other symptoms of team dysfunction thrive where the underlying dynamics go unnoticed, unacknowledged and unaddressed. If you’re tired of the feelings and experiences related to ill health and ready to move into a new day, this may be the catalyst your team needs. Even if you’re in a good place, you may see the potential for improved team vitality. If you’re going to attract the best talent from the growing millennial work force, you can’t afford to drift toward irrelevance and a lack of organizational health. 

Johnson, Andy

Why Andy?

Andy Johnson is an executive coach that is uniquely equipped to partner with your team. He combines relevant:

  • EXPERIENCE: As he often says, “I didn’t choose this area of life focus; it chose me.” When we encounter difficulty and dysfunction, one of the options we can choose is to dedicate ourselves to making systems healthier for others. He has led and helped others lead many teams into increased health and results.
  • EXPERTISE: Many people are passionate about causes; some go deeper and invest the hard work to make their passion intelligently informed. Andy is a lifelong learner dedicated to continue deepening his understanding of team dynamics.
  • EMPATHY: The difficulties of life, if used wisely, help us to deepen our empathy for others. Andy is passionate about healthy teams and happy lives. He’s compassionate toward those who struggle and a patient encourager of those doing the hard work of change.

We’re Going to Take Entropy Head on in the Following Ways:

Work together synergistically in a two-day intensive team lab that:

  • Disrupts the status quo – introduces a new paradigm
  • Sheds light on the dynamics of conflict that operate outside of awareness Spotlights the principles that will lead us to team health
  • Create a strategic partnership over time that builds these principles into the culture and fabric of the team so that they become automatic, instinctual patterns.
  • Gather periodic measurements of team health and development. With each new measurement, we will reassess direction, recalibrate focus and renew commitment for change.

Team Health Lab Includes:

AndyJohnsonInitial assessment of:

  • Current level of team health
  • Current level of potential for team conflict

Two days of intense team focus / learning / interactions / activities / experiences Relevant tools for team development:

  • Pushing Back Entropy: Moving Teams from Conflict to Health: A 308 page “team handbook” to inform the process
  • Pushing Back Entropy: Participant Workbook & Reference Manual: A 104 page workbook to record relevant data from lab experience
  • Team Health / Team Conflict Potential Survey & Reports: Team report graphically depicting current levels with specific recommendations for change
  • TTI Trimetrix EQ Personal Reports (behavioral style, motivators, and EQ): A 57 page personal report for each participant

“Andy has brought a new way of thinking into our company. He has helped and continues to help change the culture and team dynamic. I would recommend Andy for any business that is open to building a stronger foundation for their future.”

-Laurie Rowen, President of Non-Profit Educational Organization 

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