Team Conflict Snapshot

These 10 questions are taken from the more comprehensive Team Conflict Potential Survey used as part of the Pushing Back Entropy Team Program. Your results on this snapshot will give you a quick sense of your team’s current status. Please answer the following questions on the culture of your team as honestly as possible.

1) Team members sometimes harm each other because “they’re only human.”
2) People who need things or help from others are on their own.
3) We don’t value the uniqueness of each team member; we want everyone to be the same.
4) Team members put their own individual desires ahead of the greater good of the team.
5) People on the team use defense mechanisms (blame shifting, rationalization, justification, projection, etc.) to justify tearing down other team members.
6) On our team, we sometimes intentionally harm each other.
7) We allow team members to devalue others on the team; we don’t have each other’s back.
8) There is a fair amount of gossip and slander in our organization.
9) Bullying happens in our organization.
10) Some team members have a sense of entitlement; they treat others with disrespect and sometimes “run them over” to get what they want.




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