Team Health Snapshot

These 10 questions are taken from the more comprehensive Team Health Survey used as part of the Pushing Back Entropy Team Program.  Your results will give you a quick sense of your team’s current status.

Please answer these questions about the culture of your team as honestly as you can:

1) The foundation of our team is strong character that we all share.
2) We deeply value honesty, integrity, personal accountability, impartiality and humility.
3) Team members keep their professional composure and do not emotionally melt down.
4) Our team is built on trust rather than fear.
5) Team members are vitally connected in a meaningful way to each other.
6) We’re clear about why we exist and where we’re going as a team.
7) We’re clear about our individual roles and each person’s unique value to the team.
8) We practice superior communication with each other on our team.
9) We are very good at both giving and receiving feedback.
10) This team is achieving amazing results; we all enjoy being part of what we are accomplishing together.




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